Reservoir Town


Reservoir Town will be a modern cluster of private pool villas, built by the Baan Mae development group. This will be their 7th village to be completed in Pattaya.

The Serene Reservoir Town by Baan Mae Villa 7 is a Paradigm Shift in Sustainable Living

In the heart of the natural world, where water ripples gently against the shore and the birds serenade the sunrise, lies a haven of tranquility and sustainable living: The Reservoir Town by Baan Mae Villa 7. As we increasingly recognize the need for eco-conscious living, projects like this one are changing the way we perceive our relationship with the environment. This article aims to delve into the essence of this project, giving you a comprehensive understanding of why Reservoir Town by Baan Mae Villa 7 is a quintessential choice for sustainable living.

Reservoir Town by Baan Mae Villa 7 is not just a housing project, it's a visionary concept that aims to blend modern living with nature while focusing on sustainability and minimal environmental impact. Nestled by a pristine reservoir, each villa is designed to offer comfort and luxury without compromising on eco-ethics.

What sets Baan Mae Villa 7 apart is its distinct ability to merge luxury with sustainability. Each home is designed to capitalize on natural light, reducing the reliance on artificial lighting. High-quality insulation and energy-efficient appliances ensure that energy consumption is kept to a minimum. The villas are also equipped with solar panels, encouraging homeowners to tap into renewable energy sources.

The proximity to the reservoir doesn't just provide a scenic view; it also inspires an outdoor lifestyle, encouraging residents to engage with nature. Walking trails, picnic spots, and boat docks are all part of the Reservoir Town experience. The community also has a focus on local flora and fauna, with gardens designed to attract local bird species and boost biodiversity.

Reservoir Town by Baan Mae Villa 7 is more than just a collection of homes; it's a vibrant community. The project encourages communal living, with shared amenities such as a community garden, a playground, and outdoor communal spaces for socializing and events.

The Reservoir Town project is a testament to the potential of sustainable living. By integrating eco-friendly features and practices into the design and operation of the community, Baan Mae Villa 7 is setting the standard for future developments.

In conclusion, Reservoir Town by Baan Mae Villa 7 is a beacon of sustainable living. Its seamless blend of luxury, community engagement, and commitment to environmental preservation make it a project worth considering for those looking to embrace a greener lifestyle.

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future, where luxury does not come at the expense of our planet. Discover more about Reservoir Town by Baan Mae Villa 7, and find your place in this serene, eco-friendly haven.

Price start:

฿ 9,990,000 to ฿ 30,000,000
Reservoir Town

  • 2023
    Year Built
  • 16
  • 0
  • 0
    Total Units
  • Thai & Foreign
  • Private Pool
  • Covered Parking
  • Freehold

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