A farewell party was held at Paddy's Irish Pub and Grill for Albert Elson BEM. Albert Elson, the prominent figure known for his passionate endeavours and exceptional services, had a send-off worth remembering at the well-renowned Paddy's Irish Pub and Grill. The evening saw an eclectic mix of attendees ranging from close family to high-profile diplomats.
Investing in real estate is a profitable venture if done right, and one city that has been attracting attention from investors worldwide is Pattaya, Thailand. This city, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, has a flourishing real estate market offering lucrative opportunities for local and international investors
Best Pattaya Property has a wealth of experience in the real estate business and is ideally placed to offer you that experience when it comes to choosing a place to live and a property you can call home.
I never had any intention of pursuing a career in real estate. However, I was staying in Korat on one of my usual trips to Thailand as a tourist. I decided to buy some land and build my house there. Doing this gave me better insight into house building which would stand me in good stead later. Before this, I had also gained valuable experience renovating buildings in England. Then, one of my old friends who was already working in the real estate business called me up and offered me a job in Pattaya, so I came down, and this is where it all started.
The outbreak of Covid-19 has brought about a significant shift in our way of life, resulting in changes in our behavior and living habits. The pandemic has affected us all, from remote work to social distancing and online learning. As a result, we have seen a notable change in local and overseas buyer behavior, with a greater emphasis on larger living spaces, more privacy, and access to primary and secondary necessities.
East Pattaya is a residential area on the eastern side of Sukhumvit Road in Thailand, away from the city centre and Pattaya's coastline. It is a vast area that stretches over 15 kilometres east and has a north-to-south distance of over 25 kilometres. Although it is divided into smaller sub-districts, most people refer to it simply as "East Pattaya.”